Sorte Press Release

Protecting and nourishing perversion; clever manipulators from this isolated corner of Europe.

Harald Vikøyr

Haakon B. Schrøder

Kjell M. Børringbo

Lars Arntzen

Reidun J. Samuelsen


Vegard Aaløkken:
abnormal erotic fixations


Agnar A. Nilsen Jr.:
unstable sexual logic

roy hansen
Roy Hansen:
dark abuser

Heidi Schone2
Heidi Schøne:
sexualised pervert


ingunn hodne

Ingunn Hodne 

runar schoneRunar Schøne:
"Come to Jesus, Allah doesn't exist"

marianne djupesland

Marianne Djupesland

christian reusch

Christian Reusch


knut storberget

Knut Storberget:
"What Muslims?"

anders stilloff

Anders Stilloff:
deviant sexual methodology


Johan Martin Welhaven
- the biggest bastard of them all.

Chief of Police exposed online - CLICK HERE

Inbreeding in Norway produces these defectives. Isolated and easily persuaded misfits. Many of them encouraged Anders Breivik to hate Muslims by their hateful discourses and to commit mass-murder on 22 July 2011.