Heidi Schøne ... did she encourage Anders Breivik to commit mass-murder on 22/7? She was the figurehead for the Norwegian Press anti-Muslim hate campaign from 1995-2006 in 21 front-page articles.

Breivik must have read them. Judge for yourselves. Read the Norway Shockers story ...

In April 2024 Heidi Schøne contacted Farid El Diwany and expressed her deep and sincere regret at her behaviour. The pair are now the best of friends.

Sorte Press Release









The Daily Telegraph, November 10th 2003


Dutch libertine pays with his life for Islamic 'porno' insult :




Ayann Hirsi Ali - poetic justice for this disturbed woman who led the Dutch up the garden path.


The Unravelling of Ayaan Hirsi Ali - Q News - July 2006